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VSICM55 - Slide 13-24 - vCenter Server Installation Wizard

1. Wrong:

In the slide notes, the unordered list item "SYSTEM account or user-specified account", which states the vCenter Server service account requirements, is incomplete. Hence, the statement is to be considered wrong as, without the additional requirements, the user-specified account will not have all the required permissions to run the vCenter Server service.

Even if you do not use Windows authentication for SQL Server, you might want to set up a local user-specified account for vCenter Server. The only requirement is that the user-specified account must be an administrator on the local machine.
1. Correct:

Actually, the domain user account permissions pre-requisites are three:

  • Member of the Administrators group.
  • Act as part of the operating system.
  • Log on as a service.
1. Source:

vSphere 5.5 Documentation Center.

2. Wrong:

In the slide notes, the unordered list item "vCenter ports", which lists the network ports required by vCenter Server, is incomplete.

2. Correct:

The most up-to-date list of the required ports for vCenter Server can be found in the online documentation following the link provided below (the page also provides a link for the documentation page listing ports required by the vCenter Server Virtual Appliance).

2. Source:

vSphere 5.5 Documentation Center.

3. Wrong:

In the slide notes, the unordered list item "JVM memory", which lists the JVM Heap Settings for vCenter Server, states:

If you have a large inventory (more than 400 hosts), select a JVM memory size of 4,096MB.
3. Correct:

According to the "vSphere Installation and Setup" guide - "System Requirements" chapter - "Hardware Requirements for vCenter Server, the vSphere Web Client, vCenter Inventory Service, and vCenter Single Sign-On" paragraph, the heap size for large inventories with more than 400 hosts, in case of a vCenter Server running on Windows, is 3GB and in case of the vCenter Server Appliance is 1GB.


VMware vSphere 5.5 Documentation Center.

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