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VSICM55 - Slide 03-07 - Files That Make Up a Virtual Machine

1. Room for improvement:

File names shown on the slide do not fully reflect the actual file naming convention on the ESXi file system. In example:

  • The Virtual Machine swap file name is not <VM_name>.vswp, but <VM_name>-########.vswp
  • The VMX swap file name is not vmx-<VM_name>.vswp, but vmx-<VM_name>-#########-#.vswp
  • The Virtual Machine snapshot state file name is not <VM_name>.vmsn, but <VM_name>-Snapshot#.vmsn
  • The Virtual Machine snapshot disk file name is not <VM_name>-delta.vmdk, but <VM_name>-######-delta.vmdk
1. Info:

In the "vSphere Resource Management" guide - "Administering Memory Resources" chapter - "VMX Swap Files" paragraph you read:

ESXi reserves memory per virtual machine for a variety of purposes. Memory for the needs of certain components, such as the virtual machine monitor (VMM) and virtual devices, is fully reserved when a virtual machine is powered on. However, some of the overhead memory that is reserved for the VMX process can be swapped. The VMX swap feature reduces the VMX memory reservation significantly (for example, from about 50MB or more per virtual machine to about 10MB per virtual machine). This allows the remaining memory to be swapped out when host memory is overcommitted, reducing overhead memory reservation for each virtual machine.

The host creates VMX swap files automatically, provided there is sufficient free disk space at the time a virtual machine is powered on.

NOTE: VMX swap files are not related to the swap to host cache feature or to regular host-level swap files.
1. Source:

vSphere 5.0 Documentation Center.

2. Room for improvement:

Defaults for virtual machines logging can be set on the VM advanced settings:

  • To enable/disable logging: logging = true | false
  • To configure log rotation based on file size: log.rotateSize = <max. size in bytes>
  • To change the number of log files to simultaneously keep: log.keepOld = <max. number>
  • To specify an alternative location or filename for virtual machine logging: log.fileName = <alt. path and file name>
2. Source:

VMware Knowledge Base articles.

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